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Besitos (Nightcrawler x reader)
"A new student? I'm not so sure about that Charles." Logan muttered, arms crossed. Charles stared at him icily.
"We /need/ her. We need someone with her experience." He stated firmly.
Logan chuckled, "Experience? Such as...?"
Charles passed black and white photographs, rough sketched and warrants for arrest across the table.
"She's been alive for approximately 300 years. She heals immediately, has telekinesis, and can morph into anyone she has ever made physical contact with in any point in her life. The French call her 'faux personne'. False person. She moved from place to place in France until the end of World War II. She's seen everything Logan." He said, looking Logan directly in the eyes, hands clasped.
"Yeah? That so?" Logan murmured, flipping through the photos of her. Her H/C hair varied in length. Her alert eyes always on the lookout.
"Whats her real name?" Logan asked.
"Y/N. Je suis Y/N." a voice came from the doorway. Logan looked up. She was smaller than he expected, not as
:iconmotherfukinprincess:MotherfukinPrincess 49 4
Kurt Wagner X Reader Part 1
            Kurt Wagner x Reader Part 1
(PLEASE READ! Author Note! In this story reader-chan is a mutant. Her powers are the manipulation and creation of light. Which mainly means that she can use light as a passive defense or aggressive offence. And even a tool on occasion as you will see throughout the story. And as the story progresses I may add small cosmetic changes that both do and don’t have to do with Reader-Chan’s mutation, just a heads up. Also this is based in the X-men Evolution world)
Hello my name is (Y/N) and my life was pretty normal at first. I would wake up, go to school, come home, and go to bed. Sometimes I would hang out with friends. But that was before the mutants became known.
What’s funny is my best friend, Kurt Wagner, happens to be a fuzzy blue mutant that can teleport, but, sadly, when my parents found out they told me that I wasn’t allowed to talk to him anymore, seeing as they thought all mutants were e
:iconreedydanielle:ReedyDanielle 52 2
No Complaints Pietro MaximoffxReader
It was a rule within the Avengers HQ that every Friday, at precisely 7PM, the third training room on the first floor was to be left alone. It was even included in the orientation speech given to new recruits.
Leaving the room vacant at this particular time was a well-known fact to everyone; except Pietro Maximoff and you. As far as the two of you were concerned, you just got extremely lucky every week.
So when 7PM rolled around on Friday, the two of you made your way to the (in your minds) always empty training room.
“What song would you like to start with this week, dragă?” Pietro asked as the two of you walked into the room.
A humming noise was his first response as you made your way over to the boom box left against the wall. “I’m not sure. Something that makes me want to spin and jump. What do you think?”
The Sokovian chuckled. “Whatever you want, dragă.”
You shot him a smile before plugging in your phone and beginning to search t
:iconbluerose269:bluerose269 184 10
Hushed Problems (Pietro x Reader) (Angst)
Warning: mentions of death, angst, fluff
It was that time of the year again. Roses and hearts were decorated around the streets and restaurants like it was a slightly toned down Valentine’s Day. Families would be out and about enjoying and celebrating that special day. As you walked home, you tried your best to ignore all the ads and people as you muttered “I hate Mother’s Day.”
“Y/N, stop. Please say something.” Pietro firmly said to you as he blocked your pathway to your room. He looked at you with a stern and cold stare. It wasn’t heartless but Pietro knew that he needed to act tough before you would finally be able to talk to him.
“Let me pass Pietro.” you said while looking the other way. You dare not look at him. You knew he noticed how off you had been recently. You stopped going out to the occasional dinners that the group would plan. You usually stayed indoors, specifically in your room during your free time. Not to be seen
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 104 12
CharlesXReader: I don't want to lose you (O-S!)
Charles X Reader: I don't want to lose you (One-Shot)
It was 1980, Charles had lost Erik as a friend, Mistique was gone and all he had left were you and Hank, you quietly knocked on Charles door, there was no answer, you huffed and opened the door and walked in placing a tea tray down on the coffee table. Charles was sitting on the couch staring into space, a bottle of Scotch in his right hand.
“Charles Xavier? What did I tell you about bloody drinking, you know I hate it when you do that, I brought you some tea” You said grabbing the bottle of scotch from him, you put some sugar and splash of milk in his tea just like he liked it.
Charles just stared at you, he hadn’t bothered to shave or brush his hair, he was lazily dressed and hadn’t come out of his room in months.
“Charles? Drink your tea darling” You picked up the cup of tea handing it to Charles.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
You sighed and kissed Charles cheek walking downsta
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 253 13
(Hank McCoy X Reader) Late Nights

A/N: As much feedback as possible? Hopefully constructive criticism? What I did well or didn’t, and if I should write more X-men/Marvel related fics. Thanks and enjoy J And everything in italics is the reader’s thoughts.
It was late, but it didn’t mean you were asleep. You were training, not just running on the treadmill training, like punching bags and practicing your powers. It had been years since you had found Charles, and even longer since you had discovered you powers, but you still found them hard to control…. Especially around a certain genius your age.
You hit the punching bag infront of you even harder, until you knocked it off the chain it was hanging from in the ceiling.
Letting out a small groan, you levitated the punching bag back onto the ceiling and starting hitting it again. This time, you just let your thoughts fl
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 136 24
Pietro Maximoff x Reader ~ Night Cuddling
You weren't one of the people who can fall asleep in one second, any time. No. You were the opposite, so when you finally fell asleep, lying next to Pietro, you were reliefed. But of course something had to wake you up, and by something I mean Pietro moving in his sleep. A bit confused you raised your head and without any warning you covered Pietro's mouth and nose with your hand. After few seconds without breath he woke up, starled.
 - (Y/N)! What are ya doing?!
 - Choking you, you treacherous creature. You woke me up. - You hissed, still with your eyes closed. You grabbed the pillow and attacked Pietro with it, trying to kill him. Again. - You know I have school early and I can't easily fall asleep! - you groaned when he finally managed to persuade you not to kill him. - At least I deserve to kill you for it. - You pouted, rolling on the bed to be turned to Pietro with your back. 
 - Sweetcheeks, I love you, but it's getting annoying, the whole 'I'll kill you
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 152 3
Beautiful~ Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Pietro is a student at the school here. Takes place in the 70's. Mentions other future x-men briefly.
(y/n) your name
"Hey Beautiful" Pietro call, ever so nonchalantly, as was his usual greeting. He had appeared in a flash, just showing up out of no where in the kitchen. You were completely unfazed, almost used to the sudden appearances, after the school year of him flashing around.
"Pietro" You responded, matching his tone, with a quick glance but without you're usual smile.
"Should I ask what you're doing up at 2: 12 in the morning, or should I know better?" He zipped over to your side, taking the stool next to you.
"Just couldn't sleep." You mumble, not meeting his flashing eyes or bright smirk. The dream was too weird to talk about. Not a nightmare, but crazy as hell. Including, but not being limited to, purple and orange dogs, Storm riding Jean the elephant and Pietro himself running around in a tutu af
:iconfallenpine:fallenpine 273 8
Kisses make everything better [Banshee x Reader]
When Banshee lost his voice for a week, he was inconsolable. It was like he had no powers at all. He couldn't even laugh at your cheesy jokes. Once, You tried to cheer him up with hot soup, but it didn't help any. It only burned the already painful back of his throat.
The second time you tried to make him feel better, you took him to the local aquarium. That was better than the soup, but your local aquarium didn't have much of a variety of fish. It was really just an overfilled tank with guppies and another tank with snails and bottom feeders. (Your "local aquarium" was the shady pet store.) Sean appreciated the gesture of course, but it only distracted him for a little bit and he was sad again.
The third time you tried, you figured it had to make him happy. You couldn't stand seeing Sean so miserable for one more second! And third time's a charm, right?
You planned out an elaborate scheme, filled with blankets, scary movies, and so much popcorn and chips if one person ate it all they'
:iconsupehstar:Supehstar 42 1
{Scott Summers x Reader} Mixed Signals
"What?" Scott stared down at Emma, genuinely confused. "Why would you even say something like that?"
"I know you like her, Scott. Why else would I tell you?" Emma smirked up at him, her bright blue eyes twinkling.  Scott knew Emma liked him. He'd always known. Now that Jean was gone, she was surprisingly less.. clingy than usual. Maybe she was sympathetic about Jean and wanted him to be happy or something..or maybe she just wanted to scare (y/n) off.
"Yeah..but that sounds..kind of like a personal thing. Not something you should run around telling people." Scott rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. The fact that (y/n) was a virgin was rather... surprising. And kind of sexy-
"Remember, I'm a telepath, which means I can read your mind,  which you seem to have forgotten." Emma remarked as if Scott were a small child and a blush crossed his angular face. "Hey. It'd be any guy's reaction-" Emma waved him off. "Oh, shut up."
Scott tried to keep any other thought out of his head o
:iconsupehstar:Supehstar 113 16
Too Cute (Pietro (Quicksilver) X Reader)
The XMen mansion was silent. Then again, it was night so it should be. Anyway, your were still up, even though you knew that you should be studying for your exam the next day. Then again, you didn't really care.  You, being a mutant who could open a portal where you wanted and when you wanted could sneak into the Professors office and get the answers. Then again, the Professor could use his mind to get you to turn yourself in. You growled, knowing you should study, but it was so boring. Suddenly, your stomach growled. You forgot to eat. You open a portal in your room and in the kitchen. You walked through to see Wolverine standing there with a beer, looking scared.
"Do you know what time it is? You shouldn't be opening portal scarring people." He says, starring at you as you walked to the fridge.
"And you should be asleep." You answer, pulling out a root beer.
"Nightmares." Was your rough reply. You nod, opening it and taking a swig.
"Still? Have you asked the Professor for mental
:iconpatches2741:Patches2741 190 34
AOU Quicksilver X Reader- Huddle
“Gah, w-why is it so c-cold?” You said out loud, rubbing your arms to get warm.
“Maybe because we are in Russia, in winter, idiot,” Tony’s snarky voice entered your ear from your comm. You growled angrily, hating to be called an idiot- something that Tony had quickly noticed and had since called you.
Tentatively scanning the woodland area, your body relaxed seeing no enemies. A sharp gale of wind quickly had you tensing every muscle in your body, your arms wrapping around your midriff to try and keep yourself warm. Your whole body shivered, teeth clinking against each other. Taking a deep breath, and wincing when the cold air froze your nose, you straightened and began to navigate towards the rest of the Avengers.
The echoing of a gunshot made you freeze, your body instinctively diving onto the snow covered ground, your (e/c) eyes darted to the source of the noise. Immediately a row of six black bodies armed with large guns assaulted your eyes. They stalke
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 23 1
Deadpool X Reader- Attention
You sighed and re-adjusted your grip on the black eyeliner. Taking a deep breath, you began to draw a line below your lash line. You didn't get far before you poked yourself in the eye. You winced slightly, your (e/c) eye tearing up slightly.
"(Name)?!" A voice called from behind you. You looked at Deadpool through the mirror, seeing him lounging on your sofa. He was looking straight at you and you could tell he was pouting underneath his red panda mask.
"What Wade?" You asked, looking back at your reflection. You really didn't have time for him, you were already late for work.
"Come cuddle with me," he said, opening his strong arms. You looked longingly at his arms then shook your head. You didn't have time to think like that.
"Sorry DP, but I need to get to work. My boss is gonna kill me if I'm late again." You didn't even bother looking at him, concentrating on drawing the black line around your eye.
"He's gonna kill you?! If he so much as lays a finger on you, I'm gonna shove a gre
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 391 80
Explain (DeadpoolXMutant!Reader)
Bullets flew past you left and right as you dived behind a turned over car for safety. You held your broken arm to your chest as you caught your breath and faintly heard the laugh of your friend over the loud gun fire. Glancing through the broken window of the car you saw Deadpool pulling one of his katanas out of a guys throat. Just as you stood up to resume fighting, your phone rang in your pocket, blaring 'Who let the dogs out'.  Groaning you pulled out your phone and saw an  angry picture of Wolverine flashing across your screen. Honestly was it to much to ask for him to smile in a photo instead of glaring and wishing the device would explode? 
"Hey Logan what's up?" You answered hoping he couldn't hear the gun fire.
"Where are you?" He asked unamused.
"Just...out. Buying groceries and stuff" You replied before a severed head flew past you. 
"Heads up! Ha! Heads. See what I did there?!" Deadpool called before he started laughing at his own joke.
"Scott said you
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 360 46
Not bad (DeadpoolXMutant!Reader)
You mentally groaned as Scott rambled on about his plans for taking Jean away for a romantic weekend. You glanced at your uncle Logan beside you and noticed his eye twitch as he tried not to punch Scott for not shutting up. When the doorbell rang you jumped up.
"I'll get it!" You pretty much yelled before you bolted from the room, leaving Logan to listen to Scott. You went to the large doors of the mansion and opened it, only to raise an eyebrow seeing a man clad in red and black spandex standing there.
"Oh newbie. Hi!" The man chirped happily. 
"Um hi?" You replied slightly confused.
"Is Wolvie there? I need a word with him" He asked.
"Logan! Some Spiderman wannabe is at the door for you!" You yelled looking over your shoulder into the mansion.
"Well who pissed in your cornflakes? Was it Beast? I bet it was Beast" The man said making you look back at him.
"Who are you anyway?" He asked cocking his head to the side. 
"(Y/n)" You replied.
"Metal dick get a new trainee?" H
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 317 27
Take a picture (Scott SummersXReader)
It was the middle of the night when you decided to head upstairs to go to your room. You did a round to make sure all the students were in bed before you began heading down the hall. When you passed Scott's room you saw a faint light coming from under the door. 
"Scott?" You knocked on the door lightly. You heard movement on the other side and stood up straight when he opened the door. 
"Yes?" Scott replied as you tried not to look at his naked torso. 
"You ok? It's pretty late to be up" You asked.
"I could ask you the same question" He said staring at you intensely from behind his ruby quarts glasses.
"I'm always up this late" You shrugged.
"I'm fine. Just cant sleep" Scott replied. You nodded and couldn't help glance down at his muscled torso. Scott raised an eyebrow when he noticed you staring at him.
"You ok there?" He asked making you go red.
"Yeah, I'll ugh see you in the morning then" You replied before you quickly went down to your room. 15 minutes later you were
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 131 19



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